How to Download Windows Drivers for Your Device

How to Download Windows Drivers for Your Device
How to Download Windows Drivers for Your Device

In this post i will describe How to Download Windows Drivers for Your Device. Whenever we purchase a new system or install new windows in our system, there is always a need of getting the windows drivers which suits your system perfectly.

So in this post, I will share the best methods to find drivers for your windows which are official and suits perfectly for your windows.

Why it is essential to install proper windows drivers

Many people aren’t aware of the fact that Windows Drivers plays an essential role on the performance of the system, If you don’t have proper drivers installed for your Windows, you might face lag and other performance issues in your system.

Blue Screen Errors are also a major cause of non-supportive drivers installation, so you should always ensure that you install the best suitable drivers for your windows.


How to Find Perfect Drivers for your Windows?

  1. From Hardware Manufacturer Website

You should always download the drivers for your windows from the hardware manufacturer’s website like HP, Lenovo, etc.. and avoid using third party software’s to install drivers.

All manufacturers have a list of drivers for every model of their devices, and getting drivers from their official website should be the first choice.


Step by Step Process to Download Windows Drivers using Model Number.

  1. How to Find Model Number of a Device

To find model number of a device, you can look in the back side of your device and you can find the details mentioned there. You can see on below image, it’s Model Number is 80E3, using this model number we will find the drivers.

How to Find Model Number of a Device
How to Find Model Number of a Device


Secondly you can also find model number using System Information Tool, Type System Information in search and open the system information app.

System Information Search
System Information Search


In System Information App Look for Model Number.

System Information Model Number
System Information Model Number


  1. How to Download Windows Drivers

So, in my case, My laptop is Asus Laptop with system model F571GT, So in Google search F571GT Drivers and open the official website of Asus.

F571GT Drivers in Google Search
F571GT Drivers in Google Search


Now Select your Operating System and you will get a list of Drivers, so download the ones you need and install them.

Asus Laptop F571GT Drivers
Asus Laptop F571GT Drivers


Official Manufacturer Websites for Downloading Drivers

If you already know your model number or serial number than you can go to the manufacturer website and enter your model number/serial number and download the drivers.

Below is the list of Manufacturer Websites for downloading Drivers.

HP:- HP Website provides drivers for It’s Printers, Laptops, Desktop and other devices, select your product and enter your serial number or select the Let HP detect your product option to identify your device automatically.

Lenovo:- Lenovo also provides Drivers for its wide variety of products, visit the website and select the Detect my Serial Number option to let Lenovo Automatically detect your system, or chose a product and Select it’s Series and Sub-series to download drivers for it.

Dell:- Download Dell support assist, which will auto-detect your device or use the Search Support Option to find drivers for your device.

Asus:- Asus provides Drivers for its wide varieties of products. Enter model number, or select product type and its series to find drivers for your device.

Acer:- Enter Serial Number or Model Number of your Device to look for its drivers or select a product category, it’s series and model to find drivers for that device.

MSI:- Select a Product and go to its download section, select product category, product type and product model. Further, select your Model and Operating system to download Drivers for your device.


If you know which Driver you have to download, you can download them through directly the hardware website like Intel, AMD and Realtek

Intel:- Intel provides drivers for all of its products ranging from Ethernet Controller, Wifi hardware, Graphic Card etc.., you can download them directly from Intel if you know which one to download.

 Nvidia:- Nvidia Provides Drivers for its Graphic Hardware’s, select your Product Type, Product Series, Product and Operating System to download Driver for your device.

Realtek:- Realtek Offers drivers for its Network and Audio Hardware. Select a Product Category and sub-category to download drivers for your device.


  1. Download Windows Drivers Using Windows Updates

Another option to get Windows drivers is through Windows Update, and this is one of the easy and efficient methods for automatically downloading drivers for your windows.

However in many cases, this might not be the best choice, If Windows 10 doesn’t find a graphic driver for your windows it will just install its standard VGA Driver which will not give you performance, so always go for the first option for downloading drivers, opt for this option if you can’t find drivers through the first option.

After installing windows, go to updates and check for updates and install any available updates which will automatically install best-suited drivers for your windows.


Download Windows Drivers Using Windows Updates
Download Windows Drivers Using Windows Updates


  1. Using Third Party Software’s

This one is the last resort for Downloading Drivers for your device, and it’s the least recommended option to download drivers.

If your device is old and you can’t find drivers for your device, then using this method you can find and install drivers for your system. There are so many third-party software’s which automatically finds drivers for your device and install them.

Some of the Popular Software’s are:-

DriverMax:- DriverMax offers a wide variety of drivers for almost every device out there, install it and let it search for you.

Driver Pack Solutions:- Driver Pack Solutions is also an excellent option to find drivers for your device.

Driver Easy:- This is another popular tool out there for you to find and install drivers for your device automatically.