Windscribe VPN Review and it’s Features

Windscribe VPN Review and its Features
Windscribe VPN Review and its Features

Windscribe is a new and innovative – 2 in 1 privacy solution which aims at protecting your privacy as well as Free your system from prying eyes and restrictions. In this post i will list down the features of Windscribe VPN and also give Windscribe VPN Review.

With Windscribe Browse, Surf and Download without fear of being Targeted, Tracked and Identified.

Windscribe VPN Solutions

Windscribe provides you two solutions to protect your privacy online: –

  1. Virtual Private Network

    Virtual Private Network, which encrypts all of your activity and provides you with a random shared IP address that helps you get lost in the crowd – travel anywhere, browse whatever you want. All your sessions and activities are encrypted, giving you full control over your privacy.

  2. Ad & Tracker Blocker

    Block ads and trackers, keeping you and your data safe from those prying eyes. It keeps you safe even after you disconnect. Ads and Trackers can become annoying and shows you targeted ads based on your search and activity on the internet.
    With Ad & Tracker Blocker from Windscribe, you get rid of those trackers and targeted ads, giving you a much better and smoother experience while surfing online.

Windscribe encrypts your browsing activity, blocks ads, and unblocks entertainment content


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Windscribe VPN Features

  1. Stop tracking and browse privately

    The government and your ISP is always tracking your online activity. Corporations track and sell your personal data for their benefits and advertisement purposes.

    With Windscribe, take full control over your privacy by stopping the tracking of your online activity and browsing privately.

  2. Unblock geo-restricted content

    The government and ISP block access to content based on your location. Even YouTube have geo-restricted content that you can access using the Windscribe VPN.

    Windscribe masks your IP Address with any of the 60 different countries IP Address, which gives you unrestricted and private access to entertainment, news sites, and blocked contents.

  3. Go beyond basic VPN protection

    With Windscibe, you can take your privacy protection to the next level with the desktop application giving you uninterrupted access to content without any restriction and with its Browser extension giving you protection form advertisement and tracking.

    Windscribe provides you with a 2 in 1 protection to help you stay safe and surf online without any interruption.

  4. Take your browsing history to your grave

    Browsing history is always an issue while surfing online as its getting tracked by many sites and ISP. Windscribe encrypts your online activity, never leaks your DNS information, and will never track you giving you full freedom and complete access to everything.

  5. Stop leaking personal information

    While using public WiFi, the risk of data leaks is very high. With Windscribe, Prevent hackers from stealing your data while you use public WiFi, and block annoying advertisers from stalking you online.


How to use Windscribe VPN

  • Using Windscribe Desktop Application

  1. Visit Windscribe Website:- Windscribe VPN
  2. Click on Download Windscribe

    Download Windscribe VPN
    Download Windscribe VPN
  3. Select the Platform for which you want to use Windscribe VPN

    Windscribe for Your Computer
    Windscribe for Your Computer
  4. Download and Install the program
  5. Register/Login with your Windscribe VPN Details
  6. Select your preferred country to connect to

    Windscribe VPN Select Country
    Windscribe VPN Select Country
  7. Once you are connected, you can access the content of that country and surf the internet without any restrictions or theft of data.

    Windscribe VPN Connected
    Windscribe VPN Connected
  8. Once you are connected to a countries VPN, all contents and search results will be displayed based on that country, so in my case, I am connected to Tokyo, so If I open youtube, it will show me the content of Japan.

    YouTube Japan - Windscribe VPN
    YouTube Japan – Windscribe VPN
  • Using Windscribe Browser Extension

  1. Visit Windscribe Website:- Windscribe VPN
  2. Click on Download Windscribe

    Download Windscribe VPN
    Download Windscribe VPN
  3. Select your preferred browser

    Windscribe for Your Browser
    Windscribe for Your Browser
  4. Click on Add to Chrome for Chrome and Click on Add to Firefox for firefox browser. Click on add extension popup when prompted.

    Windscibe - Free Proxy and Ad Blocker - Add to Chrome
    Windscibe – Free Proxy and Ad Blocker – Add to Chrome
  5. Now click the extension in the browser and log in with your details

    Windscribe VPN Browser Extension - Login or Signup
    Windscribe VPN Browser Extension – Login or Signup
  6. Now once logged in, click on the start button to start the Proxy, and it also enables the ads and tracking blocking.

    Windscribe VPN Browser Extension - Proxy Connected
    Windscribe VPN Browser Extension – Proxy Connected
  7. You can further configure the extension as per your requirements. You can also enable/disable ads and tracking on websites.

Difference between Windscribe Desktop Application and Windscribe Browser Extension

Windscribe Desktop Application lets you connect to the internet through a Virtual Private Network, so all applications on your system will be using that Virtual Private Network to connect to the internet with the masked IP.
So it helps you stay protected and private throughout the system, no matter which application you use, it will use the VPN, thus giving you full privacy.

On the other hand, Windscribe Browser Extension will only work on that particular browser where you have installed the extension. It connects to the internet through the Proxy, so if you use other applications except for that browser, other applications will use your main IP Address and can track your activity.
Browser Extension helps you by blocking ads and tracking on the browser, giving you full privacy control.

So if you want to use the applications on your system with a VPN, then you can use the Windscribe Desktop Application. If you only want to use the browser for accessing a website, you can use the Windscribe Browser Extension, which will eventually block ads and tracking and connect you to the internet through a proxy.


Windscribe VPN Review

  1. Connectivity of Windscribe VPN/Browser Extension

    Connectivity is excellent and fast, you can select any location and it can quickly connect to that location within a few seconds.

  2. Ease of Use

    Windscribe VPN and Browser Extension both provide a minimal and easy to use interface through which one can easily connect to the VPN. You can also easily change the server location with a single click.

  3. Location Options

    Windscribe VPN provides the location of around 60 countries and lets you connect with any of those locations with ease, giving you full access to the content of geo-restricted sites.

  4. Speed and Performance

    I did some tests on speed part, and like any other VPN, Windscribe VPN is also slow on providing the speed through the VPN. Below are the results of the Speed Tests I performed.I have a 50 MBPS internet connection, and with that, I performed the speed test without the VPN, with VPN and with Proxy.

    Speed Test without VPN/Proxy
    Speed Test without VPN/Proxy


    Speed Test Result with VPN Enabled
    Speed Test Result with VPN Enabled


    Speed Test Result with Proxy Enable using Browser Extension
    Speed Test Result with Proxy Enable using Browser Extension

    So as you can see, the VPN speed is not good at all, compared to that the proxy speed seems a much better option. Speed is one of the significant drawbacks of using VPNs. You have to compromise on the speed part with most of the VPNs.

  5. Ads and tracking Blocking

    With Browser extension Ads and Tracking Blocking was working just perfectly, I haven’t seen any advertisement on YouTube while using it with the Windscribe Browser Extension.The best part about the extension is that you can disable ads and track without the need of connecting to the Proxy.

    So if you are only looking to block the ads, you can use this extension for that purpose as well.

  6. Pricing

Windscribe VPN Plans starts from $9/per month which is quite reasonable for the amount of features and specifications they are providing. They just need to improve on the Speed of Internet while on VPN.

You can start using the Windscribe VPN for Free with 10 GB Monthly Bandwidth and when you need more bandwidth, you can switch to a paid plan.