Difference Between SSD and HDD? and Which one to buy?

Difference Between SSD and HDD? and Which one to buy?
Difference Between SSD and HDD? and Which one to buy?

Hello Everyone, In this post, we will look at the difference between SSD and HDD, and we will explore their features and help you in deciding which one you should buy.


What is HDD (Hard Disk Drives) and How it works? 


So, let’s start discussing what an HDD is and how it works. It’s a traditional hard disk drive which is being used for many years now, and it’s been into existence for more than 60+ years.

So, it’s pretty old and has been improving since then with every upgrade on HDD; they are doing their level best to minimize the size of HDD while increasing its efficiency and speed.  

It Consists of a Circular Disk known as Platter where your data gets stored. The speed of your system highly depends on how fast that Platter spins, the faster it turns, the quicker the data gets accessed, and your system responds depending on that.

It uses magnetic storage to store the data and fetch it by rotating the platters.  

 If you are interested to know more in-depth about HDD and its history than visit here:- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_disk_drive.


What is SSD (Solid State Drives) and How it works? 


So, it’s about time to discuss SSD and understand how its wok. It’s a newer technology which is used by us for storing data, although it’s been around for a while now in high-end devices, now many modern and mid-range laptops also started adding SSD.  


SSD doesn’t have any moving parts like HDD; instead, it uses Flash Memory, which allows it to read and write way faster compared to HDD.  

 If you want to explore more about SSD and know about its history visit here:- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solid-state_drive.


Difference Between SSD and HDD (HDD VS SSD)



When it comes to speed, SSD is the boss here. If you have Two Systems having the same specs except one having HDD and one having SSD, than the one having SSD will boot faster and perform all tasks more quickly compared to the one having HDD.   

Whatever task you might be performing, whether it is standard file opening, program openings, or playing games, SSD will always have the edge in terms of speed compared to HDD. 



When it comes to reliability, then once again, SSD has the upper hand here, as HDD consists of rotating circular disks. So while using it extensively, if the Platter gets destroyed or some issues occur in the Platter, you will lose all your data.

That’s why we hear many cases of data losses and HDD corruption, and that’s very common among HDD. If by mistake, your system falls and that HDD gets hit, then you are most likely to lose your data. On the other hand, SSD uses flash memory to store its data and has no moving parts, so it becomes more reliable to store data in SSD as the chances of losing data are very less.

However, HDD is being improved and optimized to give the best speed and better storage functionality, but still, it’s far away from what SSD is capable of doing. 


When it comes to Lifespan, you can say both are on equal terms here. SSDs wear out with time, meaning each cell in the flash memory of an SSD can only get written and erased a limited number of times. So, after the usage of 5-6 years, you might have to opt for another SSD if it’s near the end of life.  

On the other hand, HDD built with magnetic platters, and on using them regularly, they start to wear out as well after some time. With a new system, you will find some excellent performance. However, as the system ages, you will see a drop in the speed of your computer.  

Availability and Pricing 

As Hard Disk Drivers are in the market for long, thus you can easily find an HDD with big storage at a reasonable budget. On the other hand, Solid State Disk’s are still new; therefore, their pricing is quite high.

So for the price of 1 TB HDD, you might only get 256 GB of SSD, so you can see that’s a massive difference in price.  

HDD being here for a long time, so they have many TBs of Storage possibility. While SSD is new, it has limited storage as of now. However, they also started offering more storage recently, but still, they are a little bit behind on space capacity, which can be provided by HDD. 

Coming to the pricing factor, SSD is quite expensive compared to HDD, so if your budget is tight and your requirements are minimal, you could consider the HDD, but if you can manage, we highly recommend you to go for an SSD for faster speed and performance. 

Should I Buy HDD or SSD? 

When it comes to purchasing a laptop or system, we often come across this question whether Should I buy HDD or SSD, but the answer is pretty straight forward if you know what you are going to do with your new system. 

Purchasing HDD is beneficial when you want to store large files. You can get 1 TB HDD at a lower price while 1 TB SSD will be way expensive. 


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When to Buy HDD? 

  • If you are going to use your system for regular office uses 
  •  For Storing Movies, Shows and other larger files 
  • When your budget is tight, and your requirement of the system is for ordinary uses. 

Purchasing SSD is beneficial if you want high speed and excellent performance. You can browse 3-4 times faster through SSD compared to HDD, so it’s worth money if you go for it.

But if your usage is normal, then you might not find SSD that much useful, like for just office usage where you have to write Document Files and all. 

When to Buy SSD? 

  • For Video/Photo Editing Purpose, getting an SSD will boost the process of editing. 
  • In Gaming SSD can give a high speed and frame rate. 
  • While Heavy Coding and Programming Purpose, it will be a speed booster. 
  • For 3D Animations like Maya, it can make it fast to access those files. 
  • If you are a heavy user, who perform multiple tasks together or run various heavy software’s together 

How to get both HDD and SSD? 

Well, there are many scenarios in which you will prefer to have both Speed and Storage, in those cases, you can go for a laptop which offers you both SSD and HDD Storage which makes it very convenient for speed and storage. In SSD Storage you can have your main OS and Apps Installed which gets booted fast and loads all apps fast and in HDD space you store your large files and movies etc.

Many of the SSD Laptops also offer a free slot for Hard Disk Drive where in future you need extra storage you can get additional storage by purchasing an internal Hard Disk Drive.

In Computers you get enough space in your CPU, so with little bit efforts, you can easily add an SSD or HDD to your computer. So that way you can easily get speed along with storage.