Netflix is testing its new Feature “Shuffle Play”

Netflix is testing its new Feature Shuffle Play
Netflix is testing its new Feature Shuffle Play

Don’t know what to watch? Well Netflix’s is testing out a new feature named “Shuffle Play”. It will play a Random content based on your interest and content you like.

“Shuffle Play” will randomly play a Movie or a TV Show from your saved list, or the content you are already watching, or content which is similar to what you have previously watched in Netflix.

This feature is currently on Test Phase thus its available on Netflix App for TV devices, it came as a surprise for many users :-

Why Shuffle Play is needed?

The idea behind this feature is to help users find content of their interest and taste.

There are times when we are confused as to what we should watch, or there is so much content to watch and its hard to decide from where to start. So that’s where the Shuffle comes into action and decides it for you.

What’s the concept behind it?

The concept behind Netflix’s Shuffle Play is to give users a Traditional TV Experience where you switch on the TV and watch whatever is played.

However it will be quite different than a Traditional TV Experience where you do get random content to watch, but that content is tailored and well organized to suit your interest and taste.

It is still under testing and few users get to see that option in their TV Devices as part of that testing.

Users have mixed reactions over this feature, some have liked them and some are confused about it.

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